Who we are?
Copenhagen-1×2.com unlike the other sites about sports betting offers professional help and independent point of view. Our perspective is independent and honest, that is, unlike others we do not want you to convince you that you’ll become a millionaire overnight. The only thing we can offer you is reliable support and expert advice, which comes together with an authority of people who care about you and your results.
Why trust our service?
It is estimated that average about 98% of all bettors has a negative long-term balance. In other words, these players despite their best intentions, give away their money to betting companies building their huge profits. The statistics are staggering. Only about 2% of players have a positive balance achieved in the long-term and manage to gain regular profits from sports betting.
Every successful investment requires expert knowledge, strategies, lots of patience, and most importantly, a good service provider with a proven track record which is consistent over a period of time. Hundreds of people have opened up their minds and entrusted their betting strategies with us, and we have not disappointed them since then. It's time you decide on your soccer betting destiny.
Each handicapping department observe their region in providing information about players, managers, fixtures, connections with referees, the associations, weekly stats and solid information from the specialist team. Our main and sole objective, is to provide consistently accurate and profitable soccer betting tips to all our clients worldwide, every single match day – period.
Bet with total confidence and make sure you gain profits from it. Our leads will have an added edge over the bookmakers. Our extremely safe and highly effective method minimizes risk and maximizes return to the point that every members of Copenhagen-1×2.com are almost guaranteed to be making handsome profits monthly & consistently.
Why are we doing this?
There are several reasons for that. First of all, in the beginning we were in same situation as many of you. Novice players, who see enormous potential in the sports betting, but do not really know how to use it. Having some knowledge about sports, but unable to work out a satisfactory profit. How to start earning real money? How to deal with this? You need to develop and gain some experience first.
Secondly, you need to develop a good strategy and implement it, then work hard on your results every day. It is very important at this stage to have a mentor, someone who can help you. You need effective and reliable advice from more experienced person. We didn’t had such possibility, as a result we had to built our success on very hard work and study. You have such possibility, it’s your choice whether you can choose it or not.

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